"I came to TLC in March of 2023, I was homeless, scared, and needed to heal in every aspect of my life. Through the generosity of the Director and the program, I was able to meet all my goals.

I was given tools for financial budgeting, along with life skills classes. They gave me someone to lean on when I was in such a vulnerable position and scared out of my mind about my family's future. I was able to gain full custody of my child and work on many issues in our life. If it wasn't for the program and the staff at TLC I really don't know if I would have been so successful in completing everything that I needed to.
I am so grateful for my experiences while in the program.
Today, I'm in a wonderful apartment downtown, both my children are here with me, and I work and have gone back to school. I really hope that in the future I can also work in a field where I can help women going through similar things that I have gone through!!! Special thanks to all who have played a hand in my healing."
Jessica H.